The Race to Free Energy

The Documentary: The Race to Zero Point & Free Energy

The world’s population growth is like adding another Mexico to the world each year and another China every decade. In a modern-day century, from 1950 to 2050, the world’s population is estimated to grow from 2.5 billion to 9.3 billion an increase of almost 3 times. Currently, the planet’s human population is doubling about every 39 years. It took 10,000 generations to reach a world population of 2 billion in 1930, while it will only take us a decade in the 1990s to produce around 1.5 billion more! Tesla worked for years trying to build a machine that can gather heat from the ambient air. He called it a “Self-acting Engine” since it could run indefinitely from the solar energy stored in the air. self_acting_engine.pdf T. Henry Moray developed over a thirty year period an energy device he called Radiant Energy, R.E., that delivered up to fifty thousand watts of power or enough to light a dozen homes at one time, in a unit not weighing fifty pounds. My father’s (T. Henry Moray’s) work is well documented, and we have kept good notes both as to the history of what happened and to his research. According to John Moray, highly energetic cosmic rays from space are tapped by the machine, which is in subharmonic resonance with this high-frequency energy level, and it converts this energy level into a usable form of electricity. However, John Moray’s use of the term “cosmic ray” is not necessarily the same as that of modern physics, but in fact is the same as the present concept of “zero-point” energy of vacuum. T. Henry Moray envisioned all space filled with tremendously high frequency vibrations carrying vast and incalculable amounts of pure raw energy. He envisioned the dynamic Universe as a turbulent source of great energy, just as the ocean waves carry energy throughout the earth. This was also the vision of Tesla, and after him of Clifford and Einstein, who turned the attention of general relativity to the problem of the nature of the vacuum itself. Clifford and Einstein founded a branch of physics that has come to be known as quantum geometrodynamics, modern followers of quantum geometrodynamics assert the truth of Tesla’s original vision. Today we know that one cubic centimeter of pure vacuum contains enough energy to condense into 1080 – 10120 grams of matter! Thus the major part of Moray’s thesis—that vacuum itself contains unlimited energy—is vindicated today. In this sense empty space is like a gigantic, restless ocean, and Moray’s free energy “tapping” device is no more mysterious than the water wheel.  Moray’s device used twenty-nine stages of his special detector valves, which were difficult to produce, costing about five hundred dollars each. Only about one in four proved suitable for operation. Moray explained that his device was based on the discovery of a mixture that would act as a one-way gate for the high frequency oscillations of space, so that the energy could go through the material more readily in one direction than another. Thus it was like a one-way gate valve to an ocean wave; the energy “water” could flow in in each valve, but was prevented from flowing back out. Excerpts of technical factoids from The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats.

Paramahamsa Tewari – The vacuum of space which fills the universe is itself the real substratum of the universe; vacuum in a circulating state becomes matter. The proof that the universal substratum of space with nonmaterial properties has real existence is provided by deriving the basic properties of the electron (mass, charge, inertia, gravity, locality, etc.) from the space vortex structure. The SPG theory has been tested and proven. produced low voltage ac or dc power at about 2.5 times the mechanical power applied at its shaft. 10 years experiments, Indian Patent (Application number 397/Bom/94) for an increased efficiency homopolar generator.

Methernitha A Community That Runs on Free Energy and Spiritual Values. In the beautiful mountains of Switzerland lies Linden especially known for the Methernitha group that lives there, and for their Thestatika machine, built by Methernitha’s founder, Paul Baumann. Two counterrotating discs generate an electrostatic charge. One disc represents the earth, the other the clouds. The charges are bound using grid electrodes. After that, they are collected by non-contacting so-called “antenna keys,” and then sorted. After being initially turned on by hand, the discs rotate by themselves according to the electrostatic laws of attraction and repulsion. A rectifying diode keeps the cycles in a steady state. Otherwise, the impulses of attraction and repulsion would accumulate and cause the discs to run faster and faster — the correct speed is of great importance. For optimal power generation, the discs have to run quite steady and slow. By means of grid condensers, the energy is stored and then uniformly discharged, at the same time reducing the high voltage and building up power with additional devices.
Finally, the machine supplies a uniform direct current, which varies according to the size of the model. The machine furnishes about 3-4 kW permanent output, depending on humidity, whereby the electric potential ranges from 270 to 320 volts. High humidity of the atmosphere prevents the build-up of electric potential, so the drier the air, the better. No doubt, through the so-far-achieved results, one main objective has been reached, namely, to prove that it is possible to use free energy.
Nevertheless the research work is not yet completed. The Methernithans realize that to the educated physicist, their machine may seem impossible or even crazy. But they point out that, “A trained specialist should remain free and independent in his thinking, and should avoid being limited by the temporal framework of publicly admitted knowledge in any science. It has to be remembered that the established science has already been forced many times to change or give up some of its most fundamental concepts.”
The Methernithans compare today’s science to the butterfly, which as a larva must shed its cocoon to reveal the beauty that lies within. The Methernithans believe: to understand nature and to perceive its voice, man is obliged to experience silence and solitude. In 1969 Somehow, Ed Gray had made a sudden and dramatic shift from the auto-body business to an independent inventor with an extraordinary technology, with hardly any previous background in electronics.  Members of his family are still baffled by the quick transition. Some say their father was occasionally struck with flashes of profound inspiration. Other researchers say that Gray must have been working secretly on the motors for years, but family members dispute this. Gray himself told one of his partners that he received this information from a Russian immigrant named Dr. Popov, who had gotten it from Nikola Tesla. No one ever saw Gray studying the work of Tesla, or running any preliminary experiments. No one who is still alive, who was associated with these events, knows where the technology came from or how it developed. By early 1973, EVGRAY Enterprises, Inc. had completed a 100 HP prototype motor called the EMA4-E2. 15 private investors were now involved. Ed Gray also received a “Certificate of Merit” from Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California, during this period. On July 22, 1974, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office raided the office and shop of EVGRAY Enterprises, and confiscated all of their business records and working prototypes. For 8 months, the DA tried to get Gray’s stockholders to file charges against him, but none would. Since he only had 15 investors, many of the SEC regulations did not apply. By March 1976, Gray pleaded guilty to two minor SEC violations, was fined, and the case closed. After this investigation ended, the DA’s office never returned any of his working prototypes. In spite of these troubles, a number of good things were happening. His first U.S. Patent, on the motor design, issued in June of 1975, and by February 1976, Gray was nominated for “Inventor of the Year” by the Los Angeles Patent Attorney’s Association, for “discovering and proving a new form of electric power”.

Articles: Engine That Runs Itself EMS Electronic Power Various Newspaper Articles Gray Suppressed by LADA Photos: Photos of EMA Motors Photos of Solid-state Power Supply Patents: US Patent #3,890,548 US Patent #4,595,975 US Patent #4,661,747 GB Patent #2,030,801 Documents: EMS Inverter Static Generator Brochure Crosby Institute Letter DVD and Book: Free-Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity

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