Biology of Belief

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Time Magazine – The Biology of Belief If you’ve ever prayed so hard that you’ve lost all sense of a larger world outside yourself, that’s your parietal lobe at work. If you’ve ever meditated so deeply that you’d swear the very boundaries of your body had dissolved, that’s your parietal too. Here’s what’s surprising: a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that faith may indeed bring us health. Pray and meditate enough and some changes in the brain become permanent. Long-term meditators — those with 15 years of practice or more — appear to have thicker frontal lobes than nonmeditators. People who describe themselves as highly spiritual tend to exhibit an asymmetry in the thalamus — a feature that other people can develop after just eight weeks of training in meditation skills. It may be that some people have fundamental asymmetry [in the thalamus] to begin with and that leads them down this path, which changes the brain further. Faith and health overlap in other ways too. Take fasting… Very serious theologians believe in the power of so-called intercessory prayer to heal the sick, and some very serious scientists have looked at it too, with more than 6,000 published studies on the topic just since 2000. The Placebo effect – Newberg describes a cancer patient whose tumors shrank when he was given an experimental drug, grew back when he learned that the drug was ineffective in other patients and shrank again when his doctor administered sterile water but said it was a more powerful version of the medication… Statistical studies on churchgoers…;  The movie, the audiobooks or the book >> ; Download from MyBooks

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1 .. because of placebo effect many pacients heal exactly the same when they are not operated, they were just tricked that they surgery .. !!

The New Biology- From Victim to Master of Your Health The theory that genes control life is unproven dogma ..

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