Water as a fuel – HHO boosters in USA



In 4/2007, there were only about 5 other companies selling hydrogen cells for cars online. Now there are hundreds of hydrogen based companies! I think that is great! Today 10/16/10, it is confusing for the new buyer, who is interested in this technology & wants to learn. First off your NOT running the car on WATER. ( not just yet, anywise, just a prelude to the up & coming design.) These Hydrogen Booster cells just adding the cleanest burning hydroxy gas to your air intake. Your adding less than 2% of the air/fuel ratio in your engine. Your enhancing the burn, a complete burn. Adding less than 2% to your car or truck is LEGAL! Run a car on 100% water is ILLEGAL and they will come and take you out. Hydrogen boosters are a stepping stone to a 100% water car. Modern electric pulsing with a good tall square wave length and the right freq. (PMW) in combination with a correct cell design, can produce a higher % of higher quality “hydroxy” gas. Some of these cells are capable of enhancing the combustion, completing the burn and blowing apart the hydrogen carbon chain. The results a way cleaner emission, even now knocking out the NOX emission. Approx. 80% of all cars & trucks will get 10% to 40% gains. Approx. 20% get zero gains, due to many different variables, no efie, no volo circuit, not installed right.

90% of all the plate cells designs on the market today are a copy of Bob Boyce‘s Cell design. He gave it away to the public. Bob’s cell designs are backed up by many times tested in university labs. Bob is really one of the world expert on hydroxy gas. Moray B King a book publisher/writer on the subjects of zero point energy says Bob is #1. Not many people were paying any attention to hydrogen from water & electrolysis, back in the 80’s, today it is growing concern and focus on the cleanest gas available! Bob coined the term “hydroxy” anybody can use that term in business or trade. “Hydroxy Gas” describes’s the gas, better than “Brown’s Gas” when the gases are very similar. Ask anyone in the industry of hydroxy gas, Brown’s gas, ortho hydrogen, mono atomic hydrogen gas, deuterium gas, they have heard of his name. There is alot of junk cells out there, also on EBAY there are many of cheap experiments cells for sale, you probably buying someone’s failed  experiment or over stock they want to get rid of.  Also most hydrogen cell companies 90% will lie about the LPM (liters per minute) gas output , their cells produce. We recommend reading all you can first. Bob says to concentrate on a higher quality gas, rather than LPM output. We also recommend some hydrogen cell companies below. Here to help, You must make ortho hydrogen to get gains, you should have a volo circuit on 1996 to 2010 cars & trucks to see gains.  87 to 95 use an EFIE. Not all cars get gains, but most do. Old Carb. engines get gains 100% of the time. 30% on average MPG gains. On big rig diesel trucks 10% to 24% We have been experimenting and selling hydrogen cells since 4/07. Cars in South America with their less refined gas get 40% to `100% better MPG savings with a B3 kit. Please read before buying. It has come to my attention that the Hydrogen Cell Market needs cleaning up.

If a hydrogen booster (water) cell was installed on every gasoline or diesel ICE engine, car, truck or jet, there would be no more SMOG! By far, the simplest, cheapest way to clean up a car’s emissions better than any other way. Why doesn’t our EPA & CARB approve these cell designs? For many years many hydrogen companies have approached the EPA of our US gov. and they do not get approved for the necessary wide sale sales. They stall with safety issues, etc. It is all about the money and the ones who have it all , who call the shots. Going Green is propaganda for them. As for the fellow citizens, going GREEN is a must! Do your part, add a HO booster to your car or truck.

Which Hydrogen Companies do you Trust ? These Companies below, not in any order, but all friends of the expert Bob Boyce. Backed up with 35 years of “Hydroxy Lab Research”
Working together as a team!






The reason why most all professors, scientists & physicist teachers, don’t study hydroxy gas, is that they always state this line : ” The energy that you put into a machine or device, has to be more that what you get out of it. Over unity is impossible. If such a device produces more energy than is put into them, they must lose mass and thus eventually disappear over perpetual time, and are therefore impossible.” Scientists are also told that all hydrogen burns the same, or the same combustion power. NOT SO, we make “ortho hydrogen and ortho oxygen” Ortho hydrogen is 2.4x’s to 4x’s more powerful than para hydrogen(tank hydrogen). Just like Nicola Tesla was taken out of our textbooks (the Father of Invention) and replaced bay a capital pig named Thomas Edison, who’s only true claim to fame a incandescent light bulb being replaced by Tesla’s fluorescent lamp.

Break through’s are happening on a grass root level. Thousands of experimenters are swarming the globe, no joke!! YOU WILL NOT HEAR ABOUT IT N TV, but, you will surely learn about all about it on YouTube!! RIght on YOUTUBE, go there and type in “hydrogen generator” and LEARN!! Just about every hydrogen generator seen on Youtube is breaking Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis by 200%! How? Well Faraday did real simple experiments with 2 rusty iron nails. Today we have noble metals, (stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum) We are using massive surface area, we use neutral plates that divide up the voltage and therefore you can send more current to the cell, more amperage, therefore making more hydroxy gas. Yull Brown found that when you pulse the DC current with a sharp on/off square wave signal, you can spilt the water molecule into a more powerful mono-atomic hydrogen. Nasa uses this technology. You must think outside the box and not be blinded by laws of physics.

The B3 Cell can fit in front of the radiator for a cool ride. On Sale now $570. This cell puts out a good amount of hydroxy gas for it’s size! Bob Boyce designed this cell in the 80’s. B3 = Bob Boyce Booster, produced by Hydrogen Junkie. com Single Cell price $250 Assembled for $300

The egas (Hydrogen/Oxygen or Hydroxy Gas or electrolysis gas) produced acts like a catalysis to your fuel. Get higher octane combustion. Utilizing oxy-hydrogen gas to boost a fossil fuel with a complete burn of all the hydrocarbons, produces a way cleaner emission.  You can easily make one yourself. Hydro-boosters will work with any ICE engine, diesel too. Actually combusts better with diesel! Learn today all about hydrogen boosters for you car now and the future of water as a fuel. More & more people are getting interested and want to finally learn all about water as a fuel. They won’t teach you about the wonders of Brown’s Egas at the universities, you got to learn it on your own. We have many links and water car forums for you to learn. Most are friendly and willing to give up there ideas. We live in a time of no more patents, no more millionaire inventors in a garage, but rather a giving away of knowledge to better mankind and to keep and stabilize our previous FREEDOM that we are slowly losing overnight. We must stop Global Warming by individual participation. The 5 Media Corps. will keep US in the dark about all this. Why, because they would lose about 20% profit.

The first Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator was invented and patented on 1918, by Charles Frazer You might be thinking, if these hydrogen booster were so great they would have been manufacturing them all this time. Not so, did you know that there are over 240 patents (since 1930) in the world on carburetors or fuel injection systems that get 100-250 MPG!!! and not ONE is being manufactured today! The US gov. makes about .50 cents per gallon, they would lose big revenues, so they are against any type of free energy. It would bankrupt America if water cars were out on the streets. Is the US Energy Dept. run by Oil Corp executives. YES. Do they tell the car manufactures on what they can make? YES. Does it all make sense? No. Who killed the electric car? Guess. I read Silicone Valley may be the new Detroit. They are working on electric cars, but can’t start manufacturing them yet. In China there are 4,000 engineers working on the properties of Brown’s gas, cars will be next, no doubt. This homemade fuel cell is about the cheapest you will find. I’d rather have you make your own. Everybody’s results are different, every car is different. For under $300 and a weekend of free time, what do you got to lose? Your FREEDOM? YES.

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