Eric Cantona could be the New Gandhi–Boycott of Certain Banks and Products could be the Only Way to Fight Against the New World Order

After all maybe it’s not so stupid as ‘it seems’. All Conspiration Theories show that the root of all evils are a few big banks that are slowly controlling most of the world economy, hence most of the world political power as well. The New World Order if it comes, it will be a totalitarian state, World Government, much stronger, worse than comunism or nazism. After all India won the ‘war’ against the British Empire through passive resistance, through boycott of British products. People like the Rothschild, the Bilderberg group, are impossible to fight through juridical or political means. If hundreds of millions of ‘illiterate’ indians were able to have enough civic conscience to fight like this, why could not a few hundreds million people from the ‘civilized’ world do the same? If a few hundred million people could boycott CERTAIN banks and CERTAIN products than CERTAIN filthy rich people would be hit, could start loose serious money. That could be the only way to make them listen at least, to show that they can not do anything against us without any reaction. If they loose serious money they loose power also, certain Bankruptcies could dismantle much of their power. In the 30’s after the First Big World Crisis actually ‘they’ swallowed thousands of small independent banks, since the ‘30s they have applied this strategy on and on. Each crisis, each war made them stronger, they swallowed more and more ‘independent’ banks, companies. Now such small independent banks, companies could make all the difference, we can not live without banks, without industry but we could certainly live better without certain Big Banks, without certain big companies.

The Movie – Gandhi 1982, – Gandhi encouraged Indians to boycott British goods and buy Indian goods instead. This helped to revitalise local economies in India and it also hit the British by undermining their economy in the country. Gandhi preached passive resistance, believing that acts of violence against the British only provoked a negative reaction whereas passive resistance provoked the British into doing something which invariably pushed more people into supporting the Indian National Congress movement.

WikiLeaks hero Assange arrested for sexual charges Coincide with biggest military leak in history showing US atrocities in Iraq. ; ; Pentagon hunting WikiLeak’s Assange

La urma urmei nu e chiar asa o prostie. Toate teoriile conspiratiei arata cu degetul la marile banci care ca niste caracatite ajung sa controleze totul. Noua Ordine Mondiala spre care ne indreptam rapid va fi un stat totalitar mult mai puternicl decit stalinismul sau hitlerismul. La urma urmei India a cistigat lupta cu Imperiul Britanic prin boicot pasnic. Oameni ca Rotschild sint practic imposibil de atacat pe cai juridice sau politice, dar daca populatiile in masa ar boicota anumite produse banci, atunci ei ar fi loviti direct unde ii doare mai mult, ar incepe efectiv sa piarda bani multi. Daca sute de milioane de indieni ‘analfabeti’ au avut constiinta civica sa lupte asa de ce nu ar putea si sute de milione de ‘civilizati’ sa faca la fel?

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