Water Crysis – Patrick Flanagan

Drinking Water=Russian Roulette=1 in 2 chances to get Cancer

Odata cu ‘progresul’ societatii de consum, situatia din Romania se indrepta rapid spre crunta realitate aratata de statisticile americane; conform statisticilor US 1 din 2 barbati si 1 din 3 femei face o forma de cancer in timpul vietii.


You and nearly every person living in an industrialized country faces daily contact with thousands of dangerous materials both intentionally added and mistakenly found in food, water, air, cleaners, clothing detergents, metal fillings, prescription drugs and so on.
You may hear this list so often it’s lost meaning. And don’t forget pen ink, broken light bulbs, old mercury thermometers that contain enough to poison an entire lake for generations, paint from old houses, and so on. The list is mind boggling. Toxins shown to cause cancer are everywhere. Now women have a 1 in 3 chance of contracting some form of cancer. Men have a 1 in 2 chance.
Mercury (“silver” fillings, coal production, vaccines), lead (paint) and cadmium (batteries) are the three big ones many already know about. Did you know that perchlorate (rocket fuel), chromium 6 (dyes, pigments), arsenic (rat poison), and chlorine (added to tap water, swimming pools) are commonly found in toxic water?
The picture is grim. Here is a snapshot: * US drinking water contains over 2100 toxic chemicals which are known to cause cancer. * Over 100,000 toxins are present within our environment. * There is a 1 in 3 chance for women / 1 in 2 for men, that  they will contract some form of cancer. * 19 major U.S. cities have highly polluted drinking water.

At the same time there is a water crisis going on in the United States. Tap water is used for making food, cleaning food, brewing coffee and tea, and so on. And even if you drink bottled water, the problem is that most bottled water comes from tap water. Even if the water has been filtered, your food isn’t. Deadly toxins known to cause cancer enter the food supply every single day.

These contaminants are very dangerous. Here’s why.

PERCHLORATE (Rocket Fuel) Perchlorate ingestion interferes with the iodine thyroid gland. Thyroid disturbances can effect metabolic rate. And severe iodine deficiency in pregnant women can result in neurological defects and goiters in infants. Perchlorate can also cause ADD and lower IQ.

CHROMIUM 6 (used for plating, dyes, pigments, leather tanning, wood preserving). Chromium 6 has been found at 1,036 of the 1,591 National Priority List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Chromium 6 Related Diseases include Liver Cancer, Kidney Failure, Respiratory Distress, Circulatory Problems, Gastrointestinal Ailments, Reproductive Problems, Brain and Major Organ Cancers. “Erin Brockovich,” the famous Hollywood movie starring Julia Roberts, popularized the caustic and lethal effects of Chromium 6. P.G. & E, the company that is scrutinized in the film, were knowingly using Chromium 6 in their facility even though they knew it was contaminating the drinking water of the surrounding town.

ARSENIC (wood preservative, rat poison, glass, alloys). Ailments include Bladder, Lung, Skin, Kidney, and Liver Cancers. Causes damage to Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, Heart and Blood Vessel Damage. Causes Serious Skin Problems, Birth Defects and Reproductive Problems. Recently Judged to Be Unsafe At Any Level in Drinking Water. Still Found In Drinking Water 22 Million American Homes. The statistics below are based on best estimate of average arsenic levels for systems that found arsenic. Systems with all non-detectsexcluded. That means when there’s no sensor level, it isn’t listed.




As these toxic dangers mount, scientific and medical researchers have been seeking and studying miracle healing waters for decades. High elevation regions such as the Hunza in Pakistan, Villacabamba in Ecuador, Badenbaden in Germany, and others have been reputed to have healing waters for many generations. The fact is people who live in these regions and drink the water are known to live long, healthy, active lives well over 100 years of age. For ages, man has made pilgrimages to these remote regions in order to drink their “healing waters.”

For over three decades, Dr. Patrick Flanagan has studied the remote regions of the world where centenarians live long, healthy, active lives. While the diets in these regions differed dramatically, Dr. Flanagan discovered the amazing fact that the drinking water in these regions was almost identical to that which came from frozen glaciers that had melted. This water, known in some circles as “glacial milk,” displays some very distinct physical differences from the water that most of the civilized world is drinking.

The surface tension of glacial milk is much lower. We call this WETTER WATER. Why? Because this water can be absorbed directly into the cells of the body with much greater ease facilitating hydration, nutrient uptake and toxin removal. We see examples of wetter water all the time, like when you add soap or rubbing alcohol to water. The water moves faster and is more “slippery.” But you can’t drink water with soap or rubbing alchohol in it!

Wetter water has a lot of benefits. Water wetter allows seriously harmful waste materials such as heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.) to come out of cells more easily. In remote regions there is much less pollution and you might argue someone living there wouldn’t need it. Unfortunatley in our industrialized society, toxin removal from the body is more necessary than ever. Toxins are everywhere in the home — including the materials used to make them! Tens of thousands of toxic chemicals have found their way into the food supply since the 1940’s. It may take decades until the full effects on humans are known, but the mass extinction of species in the plant and animal kingdoms is a clear indication something very serious is happening.


Dr. Flanagan also discovered that glacial milk, or “life water,” had very distinct physical properties of viscosity, heat, and energy potential. After decades of laboratory and field research and study, Dr. Flanagan uncovered what may be the most important discovery about these waters. Dr. Flanagan’s study began in this area when he was 17 with Dr. Henri Coanda, known as the Father of Fluid Dynamics. Dr. Coanda is a hero in his native country Romania. Dr. Flanagan worked with Dr. Coanda, pictured below, at Huyck Research, a Pentagon think tank in the early 60s. Dr. Coanda was the influence that started Dr. Flanagan on his research into the anomalous properties of water.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, age 17 with Dr. Henri Coanda at Huyck Research Laboratories, 1962

This special life giving water contains a form of silica that had never been seen before. Note, silic is the mineral that provides hardness to the cartilage in your nose, ears, tendons, etc. Prior to this research, there were only 240 known types of silica. Hunza water has the 241st known type of silica. Then Dr. Flanagan spent decades researching how to replicate that form of silica that was not found anywhere else. He finally did and patented it. It is called the Flanagan Microcluster® silica. Below is microscopic picture of the slica Micrcluster spheres under a very powerful microscope. Silica naturally chelates (i.e. pulls out) heavy metals in the body, but this 241st form of silica is notably special because it is in tiny spheres a few Angstroms wide. The silica spheres are extremely fine and form a “bucky ball” that act as a cage that expands and contract based on the pH of the surrounding fluid. The spheres act like little breathing clusters of silica that trap heavy metals and pull them out of the body safely. And these tiny spheres collect together in clusters and they change the electromagnetic properties of water. Your body is all energy, just complex electrical systems that ultimately respond to tiny changes in positive or negative charge. The Microcluster® silica spheres lower the surface tension and remove toxins by trapping heavy metals and other toxins inside a tiny “cage.”
Dr. Flanagan found a way to replicate the properties of Hunza water that makes wetter water so that anyone can have access to the same properties just by adding a few drops to their drinking water.


Crystal Energy® contains the active ingredient Micrcluster® silica, a mineral known to positively affect the “zeta potential” of blood cells. Zeta potential is the electric potential, or charge, that exists in a hydrated particle and the surrounding solution. Zeta potential is an important and useful indicator that this charge can be used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions. The greater the zeta potential, the more likely the suspension will be stable because the charged particles repel one another and thus overcome the natural tendency to aggregate. Zeta potential is an electrical charge that describes how far apart cells are. Greater zeta potential indicates more space between cells. Increased zeta potential has many positive health benefits. More zeta potential means more surface area for cells. Toxins, viral matter, fungi, and bacteria trapped between cells can be expunged more readily. More importantly, water enters cells more easily. Water is arguably the most vital component of anti-aging, life extension, and the removal of free radicals and waste.

The following test has been performed and replicated by several groups of scientists with the same results. It provides yet more data indicating that Crystal Energy® is a contributor to good health. PHOTO 1 below shows a microscopic view of a blood sample from a subject with low zeta potential. The blood cells are clustered together and trap waste elements between them. Note the clustering effect may be a result of dehydration from caffeine, alcohol, heat, and stress: all commonly found in people today. The test subject was given 500 mg (or two 250 mg capsules) of Silica Hydride, a blend of Microcluster® silica and active hydrogen mixed with 8 oz of water. Twenty minutes later, another blood sample taken from the test subject was viewed under a microscope (as seen in PHOTO 2 below). The evenly-dispersed blood cells indicates high zeta potential. The blood cells appear pristine, as if the substances trapped between the cells have been cleansed. The surface area of the cells has increased allowing exponentially more nutrients into the cells and more toxins to be removed.


PHOTO 1 – before: clustered cells                  PHOTO 2 – after: evenly-dispersed cells

Crystal Energy® contains Microcluster® silica (the active ingredient in Silica Hydride) is the only known supplement to dramatically increase zeta potential.


Nationwide Food Consumption Surveys have shown that a portion of the population may be dehydrated. Why do people lack hydration? This may be due to a poor thirst mechanism as we get older (click here to read more), dissatisfaction with the taste of water, the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, climate controlled environments (both heated and air conditioned), and excessive exercise. With water loss at 2% of body weight, individuals experience impaired physiological and mental performance.
Did You Know? * 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated *In 37% of Americans, thirst is often mistaken for hunger because the thirst mechanism is so weak *Mild dehydration slows the metabolism by as much as 3% * Insufficient water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue *One glass of water shut down hunger pangs for almost 100% of dieters studied in a U-Washington experiment

Absorption studies clearly demonstrate that the Microcluster® silica in Crystal Energy® dramatically increases absorption rates of water up to 6 times within minutes. Below you see a chart entitled, “Diffusion Kinetics of Crystal Energy® Through a Semi-permeable Membrane.” That’s just science-speak that shows how fast nutrients absorb through a cell membrane. Notice that the two lines with the highest angle and a red circle and purple square (Noah’s Water with Crystal Energy® and Arrowhead with Crystal Energy®). This experiment shows the increase of absorption of up to 6 times. This means Crystal Energy® dramatically increases your ability to get toxins out and nutrients in.

The absorption of nutrients and vitamins from our foods is largely dependent on our body’s ability to wet and process nutrients in the digestive system. A body with wetter water means wetter cells means more toxins out and more nutrients in. The net effect is that you have more capacity to maintain adequate health.


Many customers send emails asking about “structured water.” The only metric we can find that measures hydration is diffusion rates and surface tension as you see above. We tested “structured water” and could not find any such water that had diffusion rates better than regular bottled waters. In fact some tested had surface tensions BELOW that of “unstructured waters.”
The truth is that all water has hexagonal and pentagon structures in it. Research unfolds ever day, but if there is any experiment out there that we can reproduce to supports claims of higher hydration in structured water, please contact us at Phi Sciences.
In the meantime, look at what happens to surface tension of water when adding 1 drop per milliliter (about an ounce) of water:


The chart above shows how just one drop of Crystal Energy® brings down the surface tension dramatically. This is data anyone can reproduce on their own. Crystal Energy® is a liquid dietary supplement added to water that is considered a food grade supplement rich in colloid minerals as defined by the FDA. Crystal Energy® is safe, and has been tested and shown to have no known side effects. Many individuals taking Crystal Energy® experience these benefits:


  • Significant increases in Hydration at the cellular level as confirmed by laboratory testing

  • Combats dehydration and its symptoms in adults, children, and pets


  • Daily use of Crystal Energy® acts as a natural “chelator” helping the body to pull out heavy metals and other toxins.

  • Microcluster® silica is extremely small and surrounds many toxins, helping the body to safely transport them out of the system.


  • Crystal Energy® pulls your pH in the right direction more alkaline if you need it, more acid if you need it. The Microcluster® silica cages expand and contract in size based on pH of surrounding fluids, balancing your pH. Though many people need to be more alkaline, a significant number of people still need to be more acid. Crystal Energy® naturally adjusts pH based upon what you need.

Millions of people around the world use Crystal Energy®. One day Microcluster® silica may be included in every vitamin, supplement or herbal remedy because it aids absorption so much. In the meantime, you can use it to get more out of your food and supplements and protect yourself against toxins in the environment.

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