Stylish Green high-tech Jeep Renegade 2,13l/100km, 268CP, Incredible Autonomy of 650km, 0-100km/h in 8.5s. Chrysler Goes Green – “harmony with nature” philosophy. The Jeep Renegade is a concept car of the US American company Jeep. The car was first exhibited at the North American International Auto Show of 2008. According to Jeep, The Jeep Renegade is made from minimal components, the chassis and the car interior are made from a single piece of aluminum. The floor of the car is designed in such a fashion that that any water is immediately discharged outside. The car is reportedly fully recyclable. The Renegade is the first Jeep that has a hybrid drive. The engine consists of two electric motors which each produce 134 hp as well as a 1.5L Bluetec diesel engine, which produces 115 hp. The total range of the car is 650 km, thanks to the electric drive.

jeep-renegadeJeep_Renegade_Concept-08-019-800  Jeep Renegade Concept este o maşină de mici dimensiuni (lungime 3,8 metri, lăţime 1,5 metri, înălţime 1,4 metri), cu valenţe sportive, care poate să primească în habitaclu doi adulţi. Construită să facă faţă oricărui tip de teren, Renegade Concept pare a fi Jeep-ul viitorului. Pentru a-şi demonstra grija pentru natură şi Pământ, cei de la Jeep au utilitzat tot felul de artificii tehnice pentru a reduce consumul de materiale necesare construcţiei caroseriei. Astfel, parbrizul este de dimensiuni reduse în genul speedsterelor, iar cele două portiere au un decupaj în partea inferioară.
Mai mult decât atât, sistemul de propulsie hibrid vine să întărească aspectul de “green car” al conceptului. Jeep Renegade beneficiază de un propulsor BLUETEC diesel de cilindree redusă şi un motor electric alimentat de un pachet de baterii lithium-ion. Rezultatul acestui sistem de propulsie este un consum de 2,13 litri/100 km.Autonomia conceptul hibrid este incredibila, aproximativ 650 de km. Renegade dispune de doua motoare electrice, cu o putere cumulata de 268 CP, acestea antrenand un sistem de tractiune integrala foarte performant, spun cei de la Jeep, cu reductor si diferentiale blocabile.
Cand este nevoie de mai multa putere, sau este depasita autonomia de 60 km asigurata doar de motoarele electrice, intervine un propulsor cu 3 cilindri, de 1,5 litri, care furnizeaza inca 115 CP, in conditiile in care emite foarte putine noxe. With an electric motor powering each axle, the Jeep Renegade concept is designed for a ‘hang on and have fun experience.  Constructed of environmentally responsible materials, sustainability is a key theme of the Jeep Renegade concept. Renegade is targeted at customers in the “Stylish Green” segment of the marketplace – those who are extremely environmentally oriented, appreciate high-tech and innovation, and enjoy performance combined with style in keeping with their “green” attitude.

Jeep Renegade Concept Technology
The advanced propulsion system in the Jeep Renegade concept starts with a 40-mile lithium-ion battery pack. A range extender – in Renegade’s case, a small-displacement (1.5-liter, 3-cylinder) BLUETEC diesel engine – allows for journeys beyond 40 miles. In fact, the Jeep Renegade concept boasts a 400-mile range.

Renegade’s BLUETEC diesel engine generates an additional 115 horsepower when needed, while greatly reducing exhaust emissions when compared to standard gasoline engines. Renegade is capable of achieving an equivalent petroleum fuel economy of 110 miles per gallon, which is four-to-five times greater than an equivalent gasoline-only vehicle.

The all-new Jeep Renegade concept’s lightweight aluminum architecture and regen-braking system help to improve overall efficiency, while dual electric 200 kilowatt (268 horsepower) motors propel a very capable 4×4 system – complete with low range and locking differentials – worthy of carrying the Jeep name.

Jeep Renegade Concept Interior
Sustainability – a ratio between the energy needed to build and ship the vehicle as compared with the impact these processes have on the environment – is a key focus of the Jeep Renegade concept’s interior design.

Materials used in constructing the Jeep Renegade concept were deliberately selected to be environmentally responsible, both in manufacture and end-of-vehicle-life recyclability.

Innovative construction includes one-piece molded soy-based foam seats and doors, a one-piece co-molded instrument panel with a urethane skin, a co-molded aluminum/silicone steering wheel, a one-piece molded chassis created without using environmentally-harmful resins, and a one-piece molded interior compartment “tub.” This environmental care in designing the Renegade’s interior is aligned with Jeep’s “harmony with nature” philosophy.

Fun, functional and fabricated from recyclable materials, the Jeep Renegade concept offers agile, capable performance without sacrificing the environment its drivers seek to explore. Keeping with Jeep owners’ desire to use their vehicles as an extension of their active lives, the Jeep Renegade concept promotes enjoyment of the good things of the earth while taking care of its future.

Jeep Renegade Concept Vehicle Specifications Vehicle Type Range-extended Electric Vehicle (40-mile all-electric range with diesel range extender)

Motor Dual electric Power: 200 kW (268 hp) x 2, Regenerative braking; Battery 16 kWh Li-ion battery pack;  Range extender 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder diesel; Fuel volume 10 gallons
Key Performance Attributes 0-60 mph 8.5 seconds, Standing ¼ mile 13.6 seconds, Top speed 90 mph, All-electric range 40 miles, Total range 400 miles, Fuel economy 110 mpg (combined, est.) Chrysler Goes Green : TFOT previously covered other concept vehicles, including “sQuba” – the world’s first ‘green’ diving car. This innovative car is capable of driving on roads just like a normal car, and can also be turned into an amphibious vehicle capable of diving. Other concept interesting vehicles covered by TFOT are Honda’s PUYO – designed to be a corner-less, soft box that is both friendly to the environment and feels good to the touch, and the world’s first water-powered car.

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