British Green Nationalism vs Fake Greens funded by Globalists 

Over the last week the Lib-Con government has declared war on the British countryside. With the announcement that the government are going to sell off the forests of Britain to pay off the public debts run up by the bankers (1) , and the announcement that Boris Johnson has put in an application to concrete over the Northward Hill bird reserve in North Kent to build a new airport (2), we can see that the British countryside is under existential attack.

The British Freedom Party is a party dedicated to the preservation of the British countryside. We believe that rather than the British countryside just being seen as an asset for economists to exploit and destroy, the very same economists by the way whose idiocy caused the public debt crisis, that the British countryside is the very basis of what it means to be British. The poetry, art, books and paintings that feature the British countryside define us as a people and British culture. When the countryside is destroyed for short term profits that benefit a rich minority, then our entire people and future generations are impoverished.

Nationalists are the only true Greens. The Green Party masquerades as a party defending the British environment, but in reality they are globalists who see the British countryside as just another ’facet’ in the context of the globalist system. They are in fact ’melons’, red on the inside and green on the outside. This is why they are obsessed with the global warming scam, the climate change scam and other globalist inventions designed to form the nexus of the globalist ‘new world order’, as they seek to turn Britain into a part of the globalist system run via supra-national bodies that would eviscerate our national democracy. The Greens are not the solution to the problem of the environmental crisis in Britain, they are a fundamental part of the problem.

Billionaire global capitalists like George Soros fund green groups and seek to promote the globalist ’climate change’ scam as a way to enrich themselves and infiltrate developing nations in order to financially exploit them and their natural resources for profit. (3) The Greens are the useful idiots of the global capitalists who want to open the developing world, and its vast resources, for financial exploitation.

Development Aid to the third world is just a front for business to infiltrate into developing economies and then exploit their national resources, hence the decision of the Lib-Con government to increase the foreign aid budget. Aid is not aid, it is economic colonisation – predicated on the systematic globalisation of the developing world, their economies and natural resources. (4)

This is why we as British Nationalists must form a new Green Nationalist Movement to replace the pernicious, corrupt and fake Green Party and its globalist ideology. The Green Nationalist movement must become the centre of a new nationalist protest movement. We must form autonomous cells of Green Nationalist activists who can be mobilised nationwide to protect our countryside from development, exploitation and abuse. We must create whole new environmental movement that brings young people into the Nationalist movement and which gets them involved in things like camping, hiking, conservation projects and other outdoor activities.

At the same time we must form a radical Green Wing of the new nationalist green movement, made up of direct action activists who will organise to take over threatened green spaces and who will physically prevent the destruction of the British countryside whenever the globalists send in their bulldozers to rip up and destroy our British countryside. We must become the driving force behind a movement of environmental National Resistance. The era of marches and street activities is over for political nationalists.

Political parties marching down a street waving the Union Jack are counter productive politically for nationalists, as it allows the enemies of Nationalism to use such marches as a focal point to organise their protests and at the same time the corrupt media, who act the pimps of the corrupt establishment political parties to the masses, merely peddle lies about who is to blame for the violence that routinely occurs at such marches. This is because the media are owned by the same billioniare globalist class that fund the left wing parties and who won the political parties, hence they do not report truth, they report propaganda that benefits their owners. So a new nationalist movement must occur, but not in the streets of our cities but instead in the British countryside.

Green Nationalists will become the vanguard of a new national resistance movement that is focused not on urban areas, but out in the threatened areas of our countryside where it will work with local people to protect their local environments from development and destruction. These Green Nationalist groups will allow us to come into contact with normal people and hence create new nationalist supporters and networks amongst them. Then we will be able to form nationalist community networks across the whole country who can work together to defend the British natural environment from the avaricious predation of the government and the corporations owned by the globalist elite who fund the political parties that run the government.

At the same time these groups will act as a way to draw into nationalism young people who have become politically disengaged from the corrupt political system and its party politics farce, and encourage them to become engaged in ground level politics. The day when we have green nationalist groups all over the country organising their own local resistance movements and working with each other to defend our national environment, is the day that British Nationalism goes from being a set of academic and intellectual theories to becoming a vibrant, living and active movement in our country. There is much to do and little time to do it. The threat to our national environment grows worse every day as this corrupt Lib Con government prostitutes itself to the demands of its globalist money masters. Therefore we must begin the process right now of organising the Green Nationalist Movement.





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