Sisteme solare portabile pentru camping sau cabane

KIT FOTOVOLTAIC COMPLET 90W – 676euro – 3800lei incl tva

Kit-fotovoltaic-complet-90W-77Sistem complet pentru zone izolate. Sistemul produce 95kW pe an si poate alimenta consumatori de 220V si de 12V si este alcatuit din: – Panou fotovoltaic 90W, – controler de incarcare Solsum 8A, – Baterie acumulator 12V 50Ah, – Invertor Studer 200W
Sistemul poate alimenta 5 becuri LED timp de 14h vara si 10h iarna avand o autonomie de 2 zile, 1 laptop, incarcator mobil si 3 becuri cu LED timp de 8h vara si 4h iarna sau un TV de max 200W timp de 3-4h/zi.


Kit-fotovoltaic-280W-cu-invertor-99Sistem complet pentru zone izolate. Sistemul produce 292 kW pe an si poate alimenta consumatori de 220V (Tv, PC, pompe centrale termice) si de 12V (becuri cu LED) si este alcatuit din: – 2 buc Panou fotovoltaic 140W, – controler de incarcare Sunsaver 20A, – Baterie acumulator 12V 200Ah, – Invertor Studer 500W.
Sistemul poate alimenta Tv + 1 laptop, incarcator mobil si 3 becuri cu LED timp de 8h vara si 4h iarna sau poate fi solutia de backup pentru pompa centralei dvs pe lemne sau peleti timp de 4h iarna cand nu mai aveti curent

Sistem Fotovoltaic Kit 130Wp  pentru Camping, Off Grid; sistem KFZ-Wohnwagenbausatz-A-130Wp-12Vmontare; 1 x 130Wp modul solar Monocristalin, 1 x 10A controler de încărcare, 1 x Modul de conectare 5 metri, 1 x plastic Constructii 4 piese, 1 x conductă acoperiș (1Cable), 1 x de fixare, lipicioasa
Conector modul MC4 Lungime: 1480mm Latime: 680mm Inaltime: 35 mm Greutate: 7.5 kg.

Sistem Fotovoltaic Mobil  – Sursă energetică mobilă  pentru Case de vacanţă, staţii meteo, camping, irigaţii (grădini, ferme), apicultură, .. Panouri 500wm, invertor 800w putere maxima, baterii 12V/500Ah.

NESL Sistem PV Portabil


Cort Concept Orange –  are panouri fotovotaice FLEXIBILE, incalzire centrala prin ‘podea’, control electronic sofisticat LCD pentru iluminare, incalzire, reincarcare device-uri si comunicatii Wifi. Daca nu vei gasi cortul intr-o mare de corturi similare trimiti un sms si cortul va raspunde cu pulsatii luminoase. Smile 


Serviete ca mai sus pot incarca orice laptop, contin invertor, controler, baterie, panouri solare de  15-20-30w.  Protectie la apa, la scurt circuit, suprasarcina, supraincarcare, descarcare totala.


trailerIata ce fac doi mici inovatori din USA.,  a bagat in remorca si o pompa de apa, aici si patentul. propune modele intre 1000 si 3000w (6-12 panouri).

Powerenz LFP17 -1385 USD – includes: 1]Battery. A rechargeable, 12.8-volt, 17 amp-hour, 217.6 watt-hour, lithium iron phosphate battery pack that will tolerate > 2000 discharge-charge cycles if it is discharged to 20% of its initial charge capacity at a discharge current of 3.4 amps (0.2C).  The battery can be charged directly from the solar panel via the solar cropped100_2645charge controller, or via the AC-powered charger when the grid is available. 2]Solar panel. One CE-certified, water and weatherproof, uv-resistant, foldable/folding, high-efficiency (17%), 36-watt/2-amp unit that weighs 3.6 pounds, that will require 9-10 hours of peak sunlight to completely recharge each battery if it is depleted, that measures 38 x 17.75 inches when unfolded, and 17.75 x 8.25 x 0.75 inches when unfolded, and that comes in solid black. The system can power a variety of portable electronic devices that require 12 volts DC up to 15 amps/180 watts, 100-120 volts AC up to a continuous 120 watts, and can recharge itself in sunlight using the included solar panel.  If the power draw on the battery is 60 watts, the battery will last approximately 3.5 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged.  The battery, solar charge controller, inverter, AC charger, and cigarette lighter socket adapter are enclosed in a durable sling pack.  The solar panel remains outside of the bag. 12-volt DC power is accessible via a female cigarette lighter socket. 3] Solar Charge Controller – 5-amp/65-watt MPPT unit that is configured for 12.8-volt LiFePO4 batteries, that has a “resting” power consumption of 0.15 milliamps, that weighs 2.8 ounces, and that is protected against short circuits by a standard 7.5-amp automobile ATC fuse.  Because of the continuous, but small, baseline power draw of the controller, the battery needs to be recharged every 2-3 months in order to avoid complete drainage of the battery pack;  4]Inverter – 12-volt DC to 120-volt AC, 120 continuous watt, pure sine wave unit that plugs into the 12-volt female DC socket, and that also has one standard female USB charge port (5VDC/0.5 amps);  Carrying bag/pack – superior quality, heavy-duty sling pack.  The color of the pack varies and depends on the supply.;  5]AC charger – smart, worldwide, 3-amp charger that will accept 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz, that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket adapter, and that will take 5-6 hours to completely recharge the battery; and, Tent stakes – four lightweight aluminum tent stakes that can be used to secure the solar panel to the ground if necessary. The entire system weighs 10.4 pounds.  The AC-powered charger will not be needed when the system is used off-grid.  Leave the AC-powered charger behind, and the system weighs 9.6 pounds.

The iLAND FLY USB is folding USB smartphone solar charger.  It’s lightweight, rugged, water-resistant, dust-resistant and shock-resistant.   Using a unique solar cell 2656technology, the iLAND FLY USB can even charge your smartphone in low-light situations.  The iLAND FLY USB enables you to recharge your smartphone quickly and easily, it’s the ideal companion for outdoor activities where power isn’t accessible for smartphones & GPS devices.The iLAND FLY USB is easily transportable; weighing less than a quarter kilogram, you won’t even know it’s in or on your pack.  Total dimensions when folded are only 23.5cm x 9.5cm.  The iLAND FLY USB is the perfect field companion to charge USB devices. Folded size: 23.5cm x 9.5cm. Unfolded size: 41.3cm x 23.5cm. Total weight: 0.22kg. Water and dust resistant. Military standard. Shadow tolerant. No temperature effect. Glass free. Flexible. Germany: CHF 158,27 incl. VAT tax. + Shipping CHF 25,00.


The TREK Solar Kit is a compact, high-power battery with a charge controller interface and multiple connector options.  The TREK is designed as a integrated solar kit that weighs less than 2.5 kg, with a rollable, flexible Solar Panel that wraps around the TREK and clips in securely for incredibly easy transportability.  It takes up no more room than a sleeping bag on your pack and only weighs 2.5kg. The TREK is easily setup within a few minutes. Just prop up the solar panel with the included arms and it’s ready to provide power.  The TREK is a totally autonomous energy source capable of lighting a camp, working a water pump (20-30L/min), charging a computer (up to4h), a radio, a GPS, Smartphone or any other electrical/electronic device. Its technical features provide a multitude of applications in the field.

SOLAR PANEL Power: 10W, Weight: 200g. Tube size: 45cm x 15cm. Water and dust 100% resistant. Military standard. Shadow tolerant. No temperature effect. Glass free! Germany: CHF 761,60 incl. VAT tax. + Shipping CHF 74,00



The iLAND TUBE Solar Kit is the larger version of the TREK.  The iLAND TUBE is an integrated high-power battery, solar panel and charge controller interface with several different connectors.  The iLAND TUBE is designed as an easily portable compact tube that weighs less than 12kg. A rollable, flexible solar panel fits inside with light-weight U-pins facilitating a simple set-up of the panel (on the ground, against a wall, hanging up or secured to the roof of a vehicule, etc.). The iLAND TUBE is a totally autonomous energy source  capable of providing enough power to: light an entire camp, mobile hospital/surgical unit, a 20-30L/min water pump, a purification filter or simultaneously charge a computer, a radio, a GPS or any other electrical/electronic device. The technical features and specification allow for a multitude of applications in the field. Estimated time of charge – 6/8h, laptop power 4/8h.

SOLAR PANEL Power: 30W, Weight: 1.5kg. ACCESSORIES 110-220V inverter, 110-220V charge manager, LED lamp, Water pump, Laptop adapter, Batteries AA – AAA charger, Additional solar panel. Germany: CHF 2253,86 incl. VAT tax. + Shipping CHF 124,00.

The iLand Big Box Lite  is a large format Solar Generator kit with models from 1600Wh to 2600Wh and two different battery types. The iLAND BigBox will handle large power requirements with ease and can withstand extremely adverse temperatures & weather conditions. SOLAR PANELS – Technology : amorphous, Power : 190W, Operating voltage (Vmpp) : 15 V, Operating current (Impp) : 12 mA, Open circuit voltage (Voc) : 23 V, Short circuit current (Isc) : 15 mA, Unfolded size : 240 cm x 290 cm, Weight: 7.5kg. BIGBOX INPUTS – 1-5 solar panels or, ILAND’s awning. Price 5400-7000Chf.

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