Electric bikes – Jay Leno dixit – This is the future!


Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced that the company will pay for the first 25,000* miles of electricity when riders purchase a new 2012 Zero through the end of May. Zero launched the promotion to highlight the 2012 lineup’s incredible efficiency and how inexpensive each model is to operate. 25,000 miles based on the 2012 ZF9 Zero Motorcycle S model at $.10 USD per kWh for $.90 per complete charge cycle and 222 charges with 114 miles range per complete charge cycle for a total of $199.80. cost $0.01 per mile, Estimated pack life to 80% (city) 385,000 miles (620,000 km) !! zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/specs CHAdeMO charge time (accessory) 1.5 hours (100% charged) / 1 hour (95% charged). moto600x383ktm_freeride_electric_sm02Adica 171mile cu un plin care costa 1,6USD! 270km autonomie cu un plin care costa mai putin decit un litru de benzina. Un articol bun despre problemele de autonomie si ”alimentare” la motociclete electrice, folosirea lor e mai curind o problema cu incarcatorul si cu timpul/viteza de incarcare >> wired.com/2013/08

Faptul ca puterea maxima este data de la ‘zero rotatii/min’, cu un cuplu fenomenal, face ca motocicletele cu motor electric sa fie mai rapide decit cele pe benzina, accelereaza mai repede, se vede si in acest parcurs offroad cum  motocicleta electrica depaseste motocicletele pe benzina. In plus intretinerea este aproape nula, mai ales in comparatie cu motocicletele enduro pe benzina. Fiabilitatea, durata de viata, este de citeva ori mai mare decit la motociclete pe benzina. Viitorul depinde in primul rind de dezvoltarea tehnologiilor la baterii.

mission-motors-mission-r-bricks-628mission-motorcycles-mission-rs-08-570x380sportbike_performance_dyno_charts suzuki_GSX_r1000_torque160 hp at the rear wheel. 120 ft/lbs of torque beginning at 0 RPM – 162,7NM – compare with 158.2NM given by the Suzuki GSXR1000 petrol engine only at high rotations. 150 mph top speed, 0-60 in under 3 seconds. ¼ mile in 10.492 seconds. The Mission R has zero-compromises when it comes to performance. R’s got a range of 105 miles, features a custom chassis, regenerative braking, the MissionOS digital interface with a touchscreen display and wireless helmet HUD integration, and a integrated computer controlled vehicle management with traction control. The engine can be tweaked to produce a staggering 220phb with over 160lb-ft of torque. Even more impressive is the battery capacity, despite the range only being between 100-200 miles, the RS can be fully charged in about an hour, and better yet, doesn’t require complicated recharging gadgets. Simply find a normal outlet, pull up a chair, and charge your motorcycle. The RS sports a one of a kind full digitalized user interface, which on top of integrated Bluetooth, GPS, Internet connectivity, and a built in heads up display, also has a mounted HD camera to record your runs on the bike. Better yet, with an electric powertrain that only have one moving part, owners only have to do maintenance on the brakes, tires, and suspension. And, if it does break down, Mission Motorcycles sends a technician to you, wherever you are, and fixes your motorcycles for free. Mission says the “real world” range of this bike grows to 120 miles and the “city range” to an impressive 200 miles, the increased mileage at least partially related to regenerative braking. When fitted with the top-of-the-line 17-kWh pack, what Mission calls the “UltraPack,” the R’s claimed top speed and acceleration stay the same, but the “real world” range of this $39,999 bike bumps up to 140 miles while the “city range” soars to 230 miles. Devoid of pistons, crankshaft, clutch, and other mechanical parts rotating at thousands of rounds per minute, the Mission R creates a new dynamic in handling and control—what can only be described as a pure motorcycle experience. Without the inertial forces created by hundreds of heavy spinning engine parts, the Mission R drops into corners like no other motorcycle, while providing 120 ft/lbs of torque available from 0 RPM. The perfectly linear power delivery of the InfiniteDrive™ powertrain allows us to relegate the clutch and gearbox to the past. The Mission R brings to market the pinnacle of engine power delivery and control. ”.. there’s just nothing really like it out there.” STEVE RAPP – PROFESSIONAL RACER, DAYTONA 200 WINNER

HI-POWER CYCLES releases revolutionary new 120-300 watt portable solar panels that will allow consumers the freedom to ride their electric bikes anywhere by virtue of the sun. gI_80078_Antonio PR solar press releasehurricane-slide2Hi-Power Cycles employee Antonio Contreras commutes to work 30 miles round trip each day powered directly by the sun’s energy. Antonio claims he is now saving about $3500 a year which more than pays for his bike with zero reliance on the energy grid. Armed with the world’s most efficient (24%) commercially available solar cells, Hi-Power Cycles has incorporated them into a lightweight, waterproof, foldable nylon charging system. This system is now able to output up to 300W and is able to charge any DC battery system. For his purposes, Antonio uses the 300W folding panel to charge his 650Watt-hour 52V Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Battery system from his electric bicycle in a little over 2 hours. He says his solar charge is even faster than the standard 120V wall charger that originally came with his bike. The 300W panel itself weighs about 17 lbs and can stow in a backpack. Antonio says Hi-Power Cycles also offers other panels ranging in size from 60W all the way to 300W. With their custom charge controllers, Antonio says the nominal 24V panels can charge anything from a 12V DC car battery all the way through a specialized 90V lithium battery as the output voltage can be dialed in exactly as the customer wishes. Aside from the monetary savings, Antonio says that his favorite part of the commute is when he actually arrives at the office refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to start the day. “This is in stark contrast to when I used to ride a normal pedal bike to work. Not only did it take 2-3 longer, but when I arrived I immediately proceeded to the restroom to wash the sweat off and put on a change of clothes. I am forever grateful that aspect of my life is now over and done with. ”I can get a maximum of 35 miles of electric only range at about 18 mph out of my bike from just one solar charge.” For most commuters, this is more than enough, especially in cities congested with traffic. In fact, the national average for a two way commute for the average American is 32 miles. So, the 2000W electric bike, or conversion kit from Hi-Power Cycles, will cover the average American’s commute to work- all powered by the sun. << stealthelectricbikes.asia > videos >>



stealthelectricbikes.asia > videos. When Auto Makers Build E-bikes, Big 10 The Audi model is one of the finest examples of an electric bike every created. Carbon fiber design, Clean Mobile drive system with a 2,500 watt motor, advanced pedelec controls, digital read outs through a wireless android device, “wheelie mode” for doing stunts without flipping over. Audi put their top designer on this bike, and it fits with Audi’s new strategy of the E-tron which are ultra cool electric vehicles that can be marketed simultaneously in Europe, China, and the United States. Too much effort has gone into this bike for it not to be produced, and the public interest in this bike has been a home run for Audi. No electric bike has ever gotten as much attention from the mass public as the Audi Electric Bike.

AWS1200010016599_bh_emotion_neo_jumper_electric_bike_2013BH Neo Jumper Electric Bike Review si  aici linkul producatorului spaniol al acestor modele. Pe maneta dreapta apare maneta de ”gaz”, care comanda manual motorul electric. O unitate de comanda poate  seta diverse grade de putere electrica care ”asista” pedalatul, electronica simte cererea de putere de la pedala si ajuta in functie de panta. ”Frina de motor” preia energia cinetica la coborire si o ”baga” in baterie, ajuta la incarcare, poate fi activata prin buton manual sau controlata electronic. (wikipedia.org/RegenerativeBrake)

BionX unul din cei mai cunoscuti producatori de kituri care transforma o bicicleta obisnuita in bicicleta hybrid, cu propulsie asistata electric. Un kit standard de 999$ are urmatoarele caracteristici:



 e-bikekit.ro >> Acumulator LiFePo4 48v 10ah in carcasa de aluminiu. Sistem de incuiare pe cheie + incarcator de 2Ah+portbagaj. Dimensiuni 70×148×355(mm). Timp de incarcare cu incarcator de 2Ah -4-4.5 ore. Greutate 6.3 kg. Autonomie cu motor 48v de -350w >50km, -500w>40km, -1000w>30km.


 e-bikekit.ro >>  Acumulator Li-Mn 36V 9Ah tip BIDON DE APA Li-Mn + Incarcator gratuit de 2A (Tensiune 110V-220V). Greutate 3,2 kg, timp de incarcare 4-5 ore. Autonomie pentru 36v 9Ah: 35km fara pedealare si 50km cu pedalare usoara(motor de 250w). Cicluri de incarcari 800 pentru 100%, 1000 cicluri pentru 80%.

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