2.8kg 350W geared hub-150kg bike&trailer


2017-04-24 11.14.48total weight 150kg: bike 15kg, e-bike kit 8kg, trailer 15kg, child 22kg, biker 90kg
uphill testuphill test – www.strava.com/activities/955920136/analysis2017-04-24 13.55.00speed testcity speed test – www.strava.com/activities/957899789/analysis2017-04-24 10.54.382017-04-24 10.55.13www.biciclete-electrice.com/ais-ibikes/Kit-350W-geared
www.biciclete-electrice.com/ais-ibikes/NCR-Big-Hailong-696Wh1m1Range Test – 400wh/60km with PAS1, assistance mostly for uphills2017-05-01 14.33.022017-05-01 13.59.521m2Offroad test – can do! For steep uphill, assistance for walk up (bike+trailer).2017-05-01 18.27.032017-05-01 18.27.162017-05-01 18.53.592017-05-01 20.07.44

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