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Cimpoiul și căciula – Origin of Bagpipe

wikipedia: It is generally accepted today, that the Roman army introduced their bagpipe, the Tibia Utricularis, to the British Isles. The original pipes in Scotland probably had, at the most, a single drone. The second drone was added to the pipes … Continue reading

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Europe Waterways – Neolithic Highways

For thousands of years the rivers were the main highways. Neolithic migrations followed the main waterways. River basins were natural territories for populations, on the banks of rivers we find most cities, rivers were also main trading routes. Click on … Continue reading

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Marmarosa – Maramureș

The third movie from the “Incredible Carpathians” series, about the most marvelous and mysterious mountain range of Marmarosas. >> Youtube << Marmara Massif (Marmaros Mountains, Marmaros) (Room  Munţii Maramureşului) is a mountain range in the Eastern Carpathians. Most of the massif lies in the territory of Romania. Within Ukraine (in Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian oblasts), … Continue reading

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Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.Ltd is a motorcycle manufacturer by  in Chongqing, a major city in southwestern mainland China. Chongqing is the third largest centre of motor vehicle production and the largest for motorcycles.  The Company has grown rapidly in the past decade to become … Continue reading

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Digital Banking & Cryptocurrencies

“It is the business of the very few to be independent; it is a privilege of the strong. And whoever attempts it, even with the best right, but without being OBLIGED to do so, proves that he is probably not … Continue reading

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Polskie Runy

Marcin Rudnicki 2016 : “Acum 10 ani, discuţiile despre daci nici nu exis­tau în lumea ştiinţifică din Polonia, iar acum, găseşti urme dacice pe tot locul. Să te aştepţi să afli şi alte noi şi spectaculoase urme dacice în zona … Continue reading

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Szekely Script & Murfatlar Script

Szekely Script & Murfatlar Script = litterae blackorum ? The official position of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been to ignore or deny the existence of the Magyar runic script. Instead, imposed theories of its Phoenician, Türk, Kazár, Aramaic, Ancient … Continue reading

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Secuii – Szent Imreh – Tax Free – Mongols

A combination between a warrior elite who imposed the language and the special tax free advantages to protect to border of the Kingdom from Eastern turcik invasions (mongols) may explain the DNA and the cultural heritage of the szekely area. Continue reading

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Drum de care, pe care țăranii din Colțești ajungeau la pașunile de pe Bedeleu. Satele de la Poșaga până la Muntele Mare veneau prin Lunca Arieșului pe aici, cu care / animale spre Târgul de la Cetatea Trascăului, urcare pe lângă … Continue reading

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3 zile în Trascău

Ziua 1# De la Vidolm 4km de push-bike cu panta medie de 13% – Strava. Traseu de hard enduro, pe unele portiuni bicla’n spate. Pe noroi de primavara / dezghet, cu moto ar fi fost săniuș. Ziua 2# Căutând drumul … Continue reading

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