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Crucile Solare din Apuseni – “Celtic Crosses” in Transylvania

Am nimerit candva peste poza asta si mi s-a pus pata. Dupa luni de zile am reusit sa ma duc sa .. “imi caut crucea”. Nu am gasit-o inca (!), dar am gasit altele. Si cautand povestea lor am aflat … Continue reading

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The Fire Peoples-urns &metals. The R1b Conquest of Europe. Dacians-R1b/Z2103

R1b – metal workers, male-dominant elites, stockbreeders with war chariots, incinaration of the dead. Continue reading

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I1a+R1b = Goths/I1a3, Vikings/I1a1

  Probably before Charlemagne Northern Germany was dominated by I1 (like modern Denmark is), and only after Charlemagne by R1b. The conquest of Saxons by the Frankish Empire lasted around four decades (years 772 – 804). What is now Northern … Continue reading

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Legaturile dintre daco-geți/goți, cu Nordul Europei

Legaturi dintre Romania pre-istorica, daco-geti si nordul Europei, migratia ”inversa” a gotilor. Continue reading

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Cornesti 1500BC 1722ha

This city was in the middle of trade routes linking the Baltic with the Mediterana (amber routes, Morava/Vardar corridor), linking the mines from Transylvania, Alps, Slovacia, Serbia and linking the Pannonian steppes with the N of Black Sea steppes (Danube & Tisa-Dniester). Continue reading

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Marcu Jura – credințele Bătrânilor

Pot să înțeleg venerația pe care Bunu a avut-o pentru oamenii locului. Tata o are și el. Dar eu n-am putut avea aceeași venerație. Dacă aș fi putut, astăzi nu eram păstor de oi, ci păstor de oameni. Din păcate, moștenirea bunicului meu a rămas fără moștenitori.
Ironic cum credincioșii de azi venerează temple ridicate de oameni, dar pângăresc adevăratul templu care e Pământul. Continue reading

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The Vlaho-Bulgarian Empires. I2/E1/J basic OldEurope layer, R1a warriors, R1b metallurgy. Culture & technology fusion.

Golden ox figurine found in Maykop kurgan/mid-3rd millennium BC., Hermitage Museum & 3000 B.C(!?!), golden figurine of the Beddeni Culture, Alazani Valley in Georgia. Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life, of the Early Iron Age, in the … Continue reading

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Postulatele Petre Morar – Noi nu sîntem Latini, latinii sînt Noi

Postulate (I) Morar: “A surname comes from that language and culture where it has significance as a common noun, adjective or verb. ” Postulate (II) Morar: “Names of places survive after the disappearance of a culture. ” Postulate (III) Morar: … Continue reading

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The Mongols – mass murder & social revolution. A few degrees is all it takes to change the course of human history.

What stopped the Mongols from conquering Europe and why they were able to build in a few dozen years the biggest empire the world have ever seen? scientists-finally-know-what-stopped-mongol-hordes-from-conquering-europe By 1240, Kiev had been sacked and the horde was rapidly advancing … Continue reading

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From Old Europe to Iron Age – the Ethnogenesis of Europe The earliest recorded metal employed by humans seems to be gold which can be found free or “native”. The first evidence of this extractive metallurgy dates from the 5th and 6th millennium BC, and was found in the archaeological … Continue reading

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