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Transylvania&Transnistria. Farmers&Warriors. Cremation&Tumulus. Big Bang&Swarming.

Historically, Christian burials were made supine (lying on the back) east-west, with the head at the western end of the grave. << en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burial The traditional Christian method of positioning the coffin or shroud covered body in the grave was to have the body … Continue reading

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Balkan ‘Aryan’ waves: 2800-2500bc R1b Troy, 2000-1500bc R1a Macedonians/Ionians/Micenians, 1200BC – R1b Dorians

http://www.esd.ornl.gov/nercEUROPE > 7,000-5,000 14C y.a. Warmer-than-present climates allowed forest to spread further north. At about 6,000bc, rising Mediterranean sea waters broke through the Bosphorous. In perhaps less than a year, the Black Sea became brackish and rose several hundred feet, … Continue reading

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History of Aryans – encyclopediaindica.com – Swastika

Indus Valley Conference Perhaps the most intriguing characteristic of the Indus Valley civilization is its lack of evidence of war, conflict or even invasion, which destroys the “invasion theory” of the Aryan peoples often promoted as “migration” theory. “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Swastika – in the "Vinca script" 6000-7000 BC

history1900s/swastikahistory The swastika is an extremely powerful symbol. The Nazis used it to murder millions of people, but for milleniums it had positive meanings. What is the history of the swastika? Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy … Continue reading

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