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Rimetea – Torockó – Eisenburg / Dealul Băieșilor

Székelykő (1171 m) rises above Torockó. It got its name in the 13th century, when the leaders of the village called the Szeklers to help them against the Tatars. As a reward, they got the castle on the rock. Opposite the rock is … Continue reading

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Mocani – Celți – Cruci celtice

It has long been established that the name elements Μουκα-, Βειθυ-, Διας-, Δαλη-, -πορις –κενθοςand –ζενις from the Pizos inscription are well documented Celtic name elements which appear throughout Europe in single element or compound Celtic names. Cf.:Μουκα- = (Celtic) Mocca, Mocia, Mucci, etc. The ‘Thracian’ Mouka- (variants muca-, … Continue reading

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