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Carlos Quiles – indo-european.eu/maps/​Roman Pannonia 9BC-V century AD – 400 years of Roman stability. The Iazyges 0-400AD take control (from Dacians) of  Panon basin East of Danube. The Hun coalition 400-453AD has the center in Pannonia, the Gepid king sits at the right of … Continue reading

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Malus Dacus

Dacus, “Dacian” (adjectival form of Latin Dacia, ancient kingdom in Central and South-Eastern Europe). The most usual adjective that means ‘Dacian’ is dacicus,-a,-um. The form dacus is typically used as substantive that means ‘a Dacian’. Ex of use – Dacus Germanusque diversi inrupissent. = Dacians and Germans invading Italy … Continue reading

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Axis Mundi – Țâțâna Lumii

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