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iStyle Sovata – iBikes Club

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Malus Dacus

Dacus, “Dacian” (adjectival form of Latin Dacia, ancient kingdom in Central and South-Eastern Europe). The most usual adjective that means ‘Dacian’ is dacicus,-a,-um. The form dacus is typically used as substantive that means ‘a Dacian’. Ex of use – Dacus Germanusque diversi inrupissent. = Dacians and Germans invading Italy … Continue reading

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2015 eBike shopping. Dacă viteza maximă e sub / limitată la 25km/h, nu trebuie permis de conducere și nici înmatriculare.

http://www.stealthelectricbikes.com/stealth The Fighter : 3.7kW, total weight 35kg, Top Speed: 60km/h, Range: up to 60km. The electrical output is multiplied when combined with your own pedal power, which is driven through a two-speed internal gearbox. Peak Power: 3.7kW (3700 Watts), … Continue reading

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