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I1a+R1b = Goths/I1a3, Vikings/I1a1

  Probably before Charlemagne Northern Germany was dominated by I1 (like modern Denmark is), and only after Charlemagne by R1b. The conquest of Saxons by the Frankish Empire lasted around four decades (years 772 – 804). What is now Northern … Continue reading

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Getes – the story to be told – Quotes

Source – A story never told – DECEMBER 19, 2015 / PRIMUS GETARUM 1. Sumerian researcher A. Kisifim: “The ancestors of Rumanians had a powerful influence upon the whole ancient world, respectively upon old Ellada, old Egypt, Sumer and even … Continue reading

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166-180:The Antonine Plague >Marcomannic Wars. 250-270:The Plague of Cyprian >First Gothic Wars >>The Liberation of Dacia and the end of Rome. 540~750:the Plague of Justinian, 50% population drop >The Slavization of the Balkans. 535–536: Extreme weather events. The continuity of ‘Magna Dacia’.

All the big ‘barbarian’ migrations, were preceded by plagues and social problems. Migrants replaced populations decimated by plagues, plagues definitely killed more people than wars and ‘barbarian killings’. ‘Barbarians’ replaced palace civilizations with rural civilizations, they replaced centralized societies based … Continue reading

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Gotvand – land of Goti (Goth) in Iran

http://www.allempires.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=27064  Gotvand is a village near the city of Dezful in the north Khuzestan province, this is its exact location: traveljournals.net/explore/iran/map/m4303006/gotvand.html, there a large percent of light-haired people (Mam-ruti, according to Mesopotamian texts) in this region, for example one of … Continue reading

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