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Delean / Șardu Cluj & Dogar / Șardu Mureș

hu.wikipedia.org/Magyarsard belonged to the Kemény, Radó and Kabos families of the Győr monastery from the Mikola family. The once Catholic village took over the new religion during the Reformation , however, in the 18th century. by the twentieth century, the faithful had dwindled so much that it now functioned only as a daughter church. In 1849 Romanian troops destroyed the Hungarians. In 1850 , the denominational … Continue reading

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Secuii – Szent Imreh – Tax Free – Mongols

A combination between a warrior elite who imposed the language and the special tax free advantages to protect to border of the Kingdom from Eastern turcik invasions (mongols) may explain the DNA and the cultural heritage of the szekely area. Continue reading

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Imreh István – Viaţa cotidiană la secui, 1750-1850

Download carte – Imreh István, Viaţa cotidiană la secui, Bucureşti 1982 pdf.

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”Primul Imreh”, cunoscut ca Sfântul Emerich a fost fiul lui  Istvan/Ștefan Cel Sfânt – considerat întemeietorul Regatului Ungariei. A fost strănepot de voievod ardelean – Iuliu cel Bătrân prin bunica sa Șarolta și nepot de împărat german prin mama sa … Continue reading

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