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Eupedia / Maciamo : Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient civilizations

http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25163 The ancient Egyptians: Based on the modern population of Egypt, and removing the foreign elements, it is reasonable to assume that the ancient Egyptians belonged primarily to haplogroups E1b1b and T. Nowadays about half of the Egyptian paternal lines … Continue reading

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Ethnogenesis *3. I2-Urnfield. I-Italic tribes. 536 depopulation.

worldlingo.com/enwiki/Haplogroup_I2 Until 2008, Haplogroup I2  was formerly known as Haplogroup I1b. I2b*Haplogroup I2b* was found in the skeletal remains of Lichtenstein Cave, a Bronze Age archeological site in central Germany associated with artifacts of the Urnfield culture [6]. Of the … Continue reading

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