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The Vlaho-Bulgarian Empires. I2/E1/J basic OldEurope layer, R1a warriors, R1b metallurgy. Culture & technology fusion.

Golden ox figurine found in Maykop kurgan/mid-3rd millennium BC., Hermitage Museum & 3000 B.C(!?!), golden figurine of the Beddeni Culture, Alazani Valley in Georgia. Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life, of the Early Iron Age, in the … Continue reading

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Marija Gimbutas – the Kurgan Saga – collision & amalgamation

academia.edu/Early_Eneolithic_in_the_Pontic_Steppe During the period A of the Tripolye culture (about 5450-4750 BC) the Tripolye influence was the most intensive. In caused the acquaintance of the Sredniy Stog and Azov-Dnieper population with the first metal. It is necessary to note, that … Continue reading

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Teoria Continuitatii-Mario Alinei&Continuitas-O Interpretare

Cercetatorul italian, profesor emerit la Universitatea din Utrecht,  Mario_Alinei propune pentru prima oara Teoria Continuitatii Paleolitice (TCP) in cartea sa Origini delle Lingue d’Europa, publicata in doua volume in 1996 si 2000. Ipoteza sustine ca popoarele Indo-Europene s-au format in … Continue reading

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