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Marija Gimbutas – the Kurgan Saga – collision & amalgamation

academia.edu/Early_Eneolithic_in_the_Pontic_Steppe During the period A of the Tripolye culture (about 5450-4750 BC) the Tripolye influence was the most intensive. In caused the acquaintance of the Sredniy Stog and Azov-Dnieper population with the first metal. It is necessary to note, that … Continue reading

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Similarity between Vinca, Hungarian Runic signs and signs found inside the Bosnian Pyramids, older than Egypt pyramids

Friedrich Klára & Szakács Gábor rovasirasforrai.hu/Comparison-between-signs We have been studying and researching the signs of ROVÁS for 30 years and use the Hungarian word ROVÁS (ingravings) instead of runic writing, because the two are not the same. We lecture here … Continue reading

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