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166-180:The Antonine Plague >Marcomannic Wars. 250-270:The Plague of Cyprian >First Gothic Wars >>The Liberation of Dacia and the end of Rome. 540~750:the Plague of Justinian, 50% population drop >The Slavization of the Balkans. 535–536: Extreme weather events. The continuity of ‘Magna Dacia’.

All the big ‘barbarian’ migrations, were preceded by plagues and social problems. Migrants replaced populations decimated by plagues, plagues definitely killed more people than wars and ‘barbarian killings’. ‘Barbarians’ replaced palace civilizations with rural civilizations, they replaced centralized societies based … Continue reading

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Ethnogenesis *3. I2-Urnfield. I-Italic tribes. 536 depopulation.

worldlingo.com/enwiki/Haplogroup_I2 Until 2008, Haplogroup I2  was formerly known as Haplogroup I1b. I2b*Haplogroup I2b* was found in the skeletal remains of Lichtenstein Cave, a Bronze Age archeological site in central Germany associated with artifacts of the Urnfield culture [6]. Of the … Continue reading

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