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The Mongols – mass murder & social revolution. A few degrees is all it takes to change the course of human history.

What stopped the Mongols from conquering Europe and why they were able to build in a few dozen years the biggest empire the world have ever seen? scientists-finally-know-what-stopped-mongol-hordes-from-conquering-europe By 1240, Kiev had been sacked and the horde was rapidly advancing … Continue reading

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Ce este “distributismul”? Spre o piaţă cu adevărat liberă

Interviu cu John C. Medaille – Spre o piaţă cu adevărat liberă Economist, teolog, om de afaceri, cadru universitar american. Este autorul unei remarcabile cărţi de doctrină economică, The Vocation of Business. Social Justice in the Marketplace şi semnatarul a … Continue reading

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Green Parties – Grassroots Movements

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Party Formally organised “Green Parties” follow a coherent ideology that includes not only environmentalism, but also other concerns such as social justice, consensus decision-making, and pacifism. Greens believe that these issues are inherently related to one another as a foundation … Continue reading

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