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Swastika in Old Europe

Pe teritoriul României, cele mai vechi semne ale svasticii au fost găsite în Transilvania, la Bod (Brenndorf), lângă Brașov, la Turda, dar și în alte localități, datând din epoca pietrei. De la arieni svastica a trecut în cultul creștin, și este forma primitivă a … Continue reading

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History of Aryans – encyclopediaindica.com – Swastika

Indus Valley Conference Perhaps the most intriguing characteristic of the Indus Valley civilization is its lack of evidence of war, conflict or even invasion, which destroys the “invasion theory” of the Aryan peoples often promoted as “migration” theory. “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Gotvand – land of Goti (Goth) in Iran

http://www.allempires.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=27064  Gotvand is a village near the city of Dezful in the north Khuzestan province, this is its exact location: traveljournals.net/explore/iran/map/m4303006/gotvand.html, there a large percent of light-haired people (Mam-ruti, according to Mesopotamian texts) in this region, for example one of … Continue reading

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