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RO – an I2 continuity since the Ice Age.The classical Dacian Culture – a fusion between the Old Dacians & the La Tene celts

See here the present >> Distribution of European Y-DNA haplogroups by country in percentage  Present day haplogroup distribution in ROMANIA. (+N=0.5%,+T=0.5%,+Q=0.5%) Thus most important components are: 1] I =33% original and dominant hplgr -trachians, dacians – geti, rumini; 2] R1a=17.5% … Continue reading

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Les fonctions magico-religieuses des armes courbes des Daces

Cătălin BORANGIC (Posibile semnificaţii magico-religioase ale utilizării armelor curbe în lumea dacică, în Acta Musei Sabesiensis. Terra Sebus, II, 2010, p. 93-104 ) Si l’on veut observer le rôle joué par les armes courbes dans les pratiques religieuses des communautés … Continue reading

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