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Cornesti 1500BC 1722ha

This city was in the middle of trade routes linking the Baltic with the Mediterana (amber routes, Morava/Vardar corridor), linking the mines from Transylvania, Alps, Slovacia, Serbia and linking the Pannonian steppes with the N of Black Sea steppes (Danube & Tisa-Dniester). Continue reading

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Banat & Vojvodina – Timiș, Mureș, Tisa, Drava, Sava (Bosna,Drina), W/S/Great Morava, Vardar, Danube – Starcevo, Vinca, Vucedol, Scordisci/Celts, Dacians/Thracians, Scythians

The Vinča Culture – is the is the oldest Neolithic culture in South-eastern Europe – the First European Metallurgists, the First European Writing. The ‘Old European’ Vinca pottery, artefacts and writing all show an immediately noticeable similarity to what was … Continue reading

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Sardinia – Vinca I2a1 + Beaker R1b >> Nuragic culture. 1200bc The Sea Peoples>First Dark Age. R1b & R1a ‘Aryan’ waves.

At the site near Prokuplje called Pločnik, serbian archaeologists found evidence of what could be the oldest metal workshop in all of Europe. According to National Museum archaeologist Dušan Šljivar, experts found a “copper chisel and stone ax at a … Continue reading

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Maria Gimbutas, Civilizaţie şi cultură, Ed. Meridiane, Buc., 1989

http://www.istoria.md/articol/825/Civilizatia_europeana Cucuteni Civilizaţia europeană Cucuteni (7000î.e.n – 3500î.e.n, Muzeul Cucuteni, Târgu Frumos, Ro) face parte din Vechea Europă – cea mai veche civilizaţie europeană înainte de infiltrarea popoarelor indo-europene. Asta ar însemna 2500 de ani de experienţă preindoeuropeană. Şi încă … Continue reading

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Michelangelo Naddeo <<The Truth Under A Big Confusion!?!>>

eupedia.com/europe/european_y-dna_haplogroups Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by region in percentage cakravartin.com/archives/interview-with-michelangelo-naddeo The following interview is posted courtesy of Michelangelo Naddeo. His website can be visited at http://www.michelangelo.cn A link to this interview as it appeared in the Hungarian paper Magyar … Continue reading

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