Peter & Kay Forwood

Au inceput sa calatoreasca la virsta la care altzii cred ca viata lor e terminata. Nu s-au mai oprit de 14 ani. Au vazut TOATE tarile din lume, au ocolit globul de citeva ori. Au facut aproape 600.000km pe aceeasi motocicleta, nu exista vehicol pe Pamint care sa fi calatorit mai mult.
Perhaps the biggest influence on us is minimising waste. When so much of the world has so little, so little they can afford, less even to waste, we have become minimalists, selectively only buying what is necessary, wearing clothes to destruction, eating food to completion. 
It is always best to move through different countries as a tourist trying to learn their culture rather than trying to teach ours.
It is always best to move through different countries as a tourist trying to learn their culture rather than trying to teach ours.
We are about as adventurous nicknaming ourselves as our motorcycle but recently I have started introducing Kay as RG. This started as a joke when we were discussing our different roles. Kay is often required to walk difficult sections, like ankle deep mud, or help push the motorcycle through deep sand, and occasionally is needed to help push The Motorcycle backwards, providing the Reverse Gear, RG. 
There are too many great countries to pick just one. None can be the best for everything, so we have a few favourites for certain things. Loving wildlife, we pick Argentina (28/9/02), for marine life. Imagine being able to walk through a colony of almost a million nesting penguins, or sitting on your hotel balcony looking out over a harbour and being always able to see the spout of a whale as over 600 come there to calve each year, or walking through a harem of hundreds of elephant seals, as close as you dare to the enormous bulls. Tanzania (27/2/00), is our favourite for terrestrial animals. Nogorogoro Crater and the Serengeti are amazing places to see rhino, elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, or any of the great plains animals of Africa. For motorcycle scenery and riding we loved, NorwayNew Zealand, and the north west of the USA and south west of Canada, for amazing contrast Iceland, desert scenery Libya, isolation Australia, and sheer diversity and intrigue India.
We prefer to ride between counties, land borders are far easier.  We had early decided to minimise shippings by riding to as many places a possible, or to take the shortest possible shippings, hopefully by regular ferries, but there are almost 50 island countries in the world and the continents are not all linked so we have needed to fly the motorcycle ten times and commercially ship it about 20, mostly within the last two years. Then there were regular ferries, small dinghy’s, punts, dug out canoes, coastal freighters, and sailing boats, across the many bridgeless rivers and between small islands. Our most unusual flights were between Kiribati and Nauruin the Pacific Ocean, and shipping between Cape Verde and the Canary Islands off the West African Coast where the motorcycle was the only freight on a container vessel and we were the only passengers, bunked in the owner’s cabin. The most precarious river crossing was with the motorcycle strapped to three dug out canoes in the Congo (29/11/00) which was again necessary for the crossing into the Central African Republic on the 5/12/00. The most dangerous ocean crossing, and indeed the most dangerous time of the whole 13 years was the crossing from Gabon to Sao Tome and Principe (21/8/06) where seated on a small boat we were almost overturned by a large wave. 

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