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Rumâna – Rrămân – Old Lingua Franca

Ion Ionescu Asta (”bessi”) este in limba romană vorbita de țiganii băieși din Ungaria. wiki/Substrate_in_Romanian, wiki/Vulgar_Latin, wiki/Common_Romanian, wiki/Eastern_Romance_languages, wiki/Dalmatian_language, wiki/Aromanian_language – rrămân, wiki/Old_Occitan – Common Romanian (româna comună), also known as Ancient Romanian (străromâna), Balkan Latin or Proto-Romanian, is a hypothetical and unattested Romance … Continue reading

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Postulatele Petre Morar – Noi nu sîntem Latini, latinii sînt Noi

Postulate (I) Morar: “A surname comes from that language and culture where it has significance as a common noun, adjective or verb. ” Postulate (II) Morar: “Names of places survive after the disappearance of a culture. ” Postulate (III) Morar: … Continue reading

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Sarajevo & Durmitor Stari Vlah … around the city of Sarajevo, on the Drina and the Lim rivers’ valley … In Serbia, 40 documents (deeds of gift, Ahrišovs@) are known which mention Vlachs living in different parts of the country, but the deeds … Continue reading

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